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Fifteen-year-old Viviana is failing her sophomore year of high school. Undiagnosed ADHD will do that to a girl. In a last ditch effort to save her grades, her mother sends her to finish the school year with her father in Connecticut. It’s one false start after another for Viviana and her father, until she finds a dusty racing kart in his garage. Willing to try anything to save their fragile relationship, Viviana’s father agrees to teach her to drive. 
Viviana finds that she’s not only enjoying karting — she’s good at it. After a conversation with her father (and a promise not to tell her mother), Viviana finds herself lining up on the starting grid at the local track. Her immediate rival is fifteen-year-old Dylan, a prodigy from a family of professional drivers. When Viviana crashes in her first race, taking Dylan out of the lead, he informs her that there’s a reason no girl has ever won before. 
He also called her “Cupcake” but she’s trying hard not to let that get to her. Or how he keeps composing theme songs for her each time he walks by. In fact, she’s trying not to think about him at all. Instead, she’s set on making her mark on the track and proving her worth to her family and herself. Because if she fails at the one thing that she’s finally enjoying, then she really will be as worthless as everyone has always thought.

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