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Elizabeth Barrera began writing in high school, taking part in numerous creative writing projects, including a full-length novel and a short play about a student and a sentient meatloaf. She continued this journey while an animal science undergrad at the University of Connecticut, where she wrote a handful of articles for The Daily Campus and co-created a webcomic series with her friend.

She put her projects aside for a few years, while working on her nursing degree, though a fateful trip to Argentina (involving a protest in the Plaza de Mayo) re-kindled her love of writing. She finished her first novel, MALVES, while pursuing her master's in nursing; she graduated from Yale University with honors and delivered the student commencement address. She recently finished her second novel, VIVIANA GETS HER LIFE ON TRACK.

She now works as a urology nurse practitioner and currently lives in Connecticut on a small farm with her husband, two dogs (Marvel & Odin), two horses (Gee & Cody), a goat (Hobbs), and an ever-expanding cast of chickens named after Formula 1 drivers (Kimi, Niki, Heikki, Mika, Keke, Jackie, Zini, and Stirling). When not working on the farm, she and her husband enjoy traveling, competing in triathlons, rooting against each other's F1 teams, and making terrible puns.

Elizabeth Barrera is represented by Haley Casey of Creative Media Agency

Elizabeth and her husband stand below a wood frame with a sign reading Pueblo Brugo
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